Fall Recreational Season Important Dates and Information

Hello future softball stars and parents.  Before you decide to register for the 2021 Fall Rec season, please note some changes AYSA will implementing.

First, AYSA strives to balance the rec teams as evenly as possible to ensure a competitive, fun, and fair experience.  Please remember this is recreational softball and having fun while learning the game is the most important thing.

To help us make the teams as even as we can, we will not be allowing car pool rider requests.  AYSA does apologize if this inconveniences anybody but there have been too many instances where members try to massage the rules in order to gain an advantage over other teams.  We will entertain practice night requests though as we do understand parents and players have other commitments.

Second, AYSA will be implementing a new tournament format for the end of the season.  Instead of having the EOS tourney spread out over an entire week, we will have a blind seed (once again, regular season record does not count) tournament that will take place over one Saturday to possibly Saturday and Sunday.  This way some teams will not have to ask that their players be available every day of the week during the tournament.

Important Dates:

July 12 - Fall registration opens

Aug. 14 - Mandatory evaluations; 9am - 11am, Fields 1-4

Sept. 11 - Opening Day

Oct. 30 - EOS Tournament

Nov. 6 - EOS Make up if needed

Register here.

AYSA Plays at Alpharetta North Park. [ Google maps ]

13450 Cogburn Rd
Alpharetta, GA 30004